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Bath Salt Kit – DIY KIT – Make Your Own Bath Salt

Kit includes:
– Epsom Salt
– Pink Himalaya Salt
– Baking Soda
– Essential Oil: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Eucaluptus Peppermint or Lemongrass
– Mica
– Recipe

This kit it will give you enough bath salt for 6-10 baths.

When you order you will have to choose between the essential oils.

The benefits of soaking in a warm bath with baths salts are many. Epsom Salt and Pink Himalaya salt both have shown to ease muscle soreness, promote sleep, reduce stress and help with constipation (there are even more benefits). Not making any claims. Please research if you want more information.

BATH SALT KIT WITH LAVENDER is recommended after exercise and before bedtime.
BATH SALT KIT WITH SWEET ORANGE is recommended in the morning or when your body is tired.
BATH SALT KIT WITH EUCALUPTUS & PEPPERMINT is recommended if you need to stay focused or need an energy boost.
BATH SALT KIT WITH LEMONGRASS is recommended if you have any kind of mild pain in your body. like a mild headache, sore muscles, menstrual pain and other kinds (note – see a doctor if you are in pain)

The amount of essential oil that is in the bottle, is measured to be enough for this kit.
Please do not add additional oils in the bath.

To get the best effect from both the salts and oils, it is recommended that your bath time is between 10-20 minutes.

Children, pregnant women and people with health issues shoud avoid using products with essential oils. Please consult doctor or Medical personell if you are unsure of your reaction to essential oils.



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